Sunday, October 20, 2013

Losing track of time! July 15, 2013

So i dont even know what week it is anymore, but thats alright.

This past week has been good! very gewd. ;) lots of good stuff has happened and lots of progress has been made, but i wont share certain things that happened because they were very special to me. but anyway,

How is everyone doing?? im going great. i had some funnies happen this week too. we were helping out with a wedding this week in the church, and when we were getting ready to leave i went inside the church's kitchen area and started eating some of this ice cream in there :) it was a month expired and nobody has touched it for weeks. but i dun caaare, twas delicious. one of the members said i could take it so we took it home and i baked some cookies (and burned my fingers in the over) and had mini ice cream cookies sandwiches! sooo good. then i felt sick, totally worth it.

We also have killed all the roaches in the building.
We also saw a car accident outside our window. it wasnt too bad and nobody got hurt, but it was still pretty scary to see. not every day we see something like that.
haha, i think everyones tires have popped this transfer! except for mine >:) 
got some cool pictures of the sunset too! but i cant send pics because i forgot my little connector thing. :| sorry
I got a free $3 off my groceries today! missionary bonus
i also cleaned some of my pants for the first time since the start of my mission :| gross huh? but now they are clean :) i get ripped off every time i go do laundry. ah.

We also had the chance to help do some service! we got to help do some gardening :)
i just pulled weeds the whole time. but thats alright haha

And we've had more crazy people scream at us than usual this week. pretty funny every time they do

well thats about it :) i hope all of you are doing well :)
love, Elder James


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