Sunday, October 20, 2013

GOOD News! July 29, 2013

hey everyone, how've you been? everything has been good over here in Bakersfield :)

Good news! S said he really wants to stop drugs! He says he is done with meth and some other drugs, we are trying our best to help him. I guess he was talking to some guy that was working at his new house and they got on that topic, and the guy told him that he use to use drugs a lot too. he told him what made him stop was one of his best friends died when they were using it, and I guess that kind of woke up S a little bit. Last week he said some of his buddies were taking acid, and he said he didn't.. I'm still worried though, it's not good to put yourself in those situations. I had a nice one-on-one with him for about an hour while my companion and another member talked with his mother. it was a pretty cool split-lesson I guess you could say.

His family came to church too! He wasn't able to though. but it was still really awesome to see them there.

my companion is leaving tomorrow. this transfer is 7 weeks instead of 6, so im being put with another missionary for a week. its going to be awesome!

Oh! cool news. I was selected to train/go-tracking-with the new incoming missionaries in two weeks. they said it was a privilege to be selected, but eh, I don't even speak Spanish very well so its going to be very interesting. ha!

other than that, nothing exciting has really happened.

wait just kidding. I was getting out of the car one day, and as I opened it, I accidentally hit a guy on his bike! he came riding down and I just didn't see him and he just slammed right into the car door! :| my bad. he was very upset. I asked if he was ok and he just shook his head, held his arm and biked off.
not going to lie, the way the whole thing went down... Elder B and I were laughing afterwards. I felt really bad though, but hey, he had time to get out of the way. I think he ran into it on purpose or something.

dats the end of my adventures thus far. I cant tell all of you everything though, porque porque ;) Inicuo!! Todos inicuo! ha, just kidding :)

Hope you all are doing well! :D ha! >:)
love, Elder James

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