Sunday, October 27, 2013

God performs miracles! Sept. 9, 2013

Hey everyone, things have been going well here in Bakersfield.

 Here's a short on everything that happened this week:
1) Bought some new music at a store. I got a free DVD with it too but I can't watch it haha
2) Went on exchanges with Elder C, it went well (Daniel, I swear this Elder is just like you! You both act the same hahah)
3) We did some service at the library just organizing books. Fun fun
4) I gave a talk at ZTM (they ask me to give a talk for everything for some reason)
5) We had our apartment inspected by Elder/Sister J. We did  last minute cleaning sweep, so it didn't turn out so bad lol
6) We were supposed to go tracking with the youth in the ward but half of the parents canceled in the last second. Everyone was busy on a Saturday morning eh? I doubt that. >:( 
7) Sunday night we (the missionaries) got to sing "Mas cerca Dios de Te" at a fireside. We did well! It's funny because I'm the smallest missionary but I was the one singing bass ;P heck yaaa

Did I mention we made doughnuts with a member? :o so good, so good.

Later today we are having a zone activity. Someone thought it would be a fun idea to go walk up the side of a mountain for no reason.. I mean, they decided to go hiking :| same thing. Not looking forward to it but hey it's whatever haha :)

So, Milagros! Those of you who don't believe God performs miracles today, I advise you to search the scriptures.
The sister missionaries needed us to give a blessing to a man who fell on his head and was loosing his sight. The mans vision had reduced to about 10% of what it use to be :(  But they called us and asked if we could help.
We gave him a blessing and within a few days, he could see perfectly fine once again. He went from being blind, to seeing once again. 
I've heard of and been part of many miracles here. It's amazing to see things like that. 
Some other things have happened. I'll share them with a few of you :) But I hope you enjoy the picture!  Have a great week everyone!
Love, Elder James ;)Inline image 1

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