Sunday, October 27, 2013

Peanut Butter Diet! Sept 23, 2013

Hey everyone! So this week was pretty good, we got a lot done. My new companion is from Argentina :)

Soo like I said, the week was good, but we didn't really have any cool stories. Just a lot of work. 

But we did have another dust storm! We were supposed to be inside during that time, but my companion and I didn't see the text until it was too late. So we just walked to the closest appointment we had set for the day and visited him way earlier than expected, then just stayed there until the other Elders came and picked us up. It was fun though, nobody caught Valley Fever yet :)

But. That's really about all that happened.. Sorry this week was boring. Oh, wait. We actually heard a gun shot close by our apartments this morning when we were doing laundry. Pow pow, I was thinking it was something else, maybe a tire popping, but my companion thought it was a gun shot. 
Which is possible, because a member of a family we are teaching was with her kids two weeks ago, just close to our place, and she said she saw a man whip out a pistol and fire off 8 rounds at a group of guys playing basketball :| Remind me to never play basketball out their again. [Did I share that story last week? I can't remember, sorry if I did!]

Ya... I decided to try a new diet! Peanut butter. And Jelly. Erry day. Erry meal. So good.
Sometimes I decide to mix things up and feel super cool, so I use Nutela and some honey instead of jelly. Like, professional chef status in the BV1 apartments!! >;o

HA! Just kidding :) but I hope everything it going well for all of you! Haha have a good week!
Love, Elder James

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