Sunday, October 20, 2013

Good Food! Aug. 5, 2013

Hey hey, this week I got to spend with another missionary, Elder B. It was an awesome week, but we had to cover two areas so we had a lot of traveling to do. But it was good.

OH!  one of our investigators recommended a restaurant for us to eat at.. it was this super awesome Japanese place called Tokyo Garden. I don't know if any of you have heard of it, but you all should go! It was honestly one of the greatest/most entertaining places I've ever been! :D So good. We are going this next week again to celebrate Elder B birthday (so many August birthdays here). 

More good stuff, I lost the keys the other day. We were at the Mac store, and then we left and I accidentally left the keys there. :| but then i ran back and they were. gone. waaa so we went the day without the car keys, mail keys, apartment keys, and most importantly the church keys! :( my bad.
but we eventually got them back. the mall people called us and said they got the keys. yep, long story short, the end

but on to more important stuff. our investigators are progressing, and since we had to cover two areas this last week, i got to meet some really nice people! :) 
everything is going well over here in Bakersfield's. it hasn't gotten too hot in a while too. 

well i hope all of you are doing well. keep me posted with whats going on back home/in your areas. :)

love, Elder James

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