Monday, August 26, 2013

We are like little children July 8, 2013

So i cant remember anything that happened this week, only a few things. Directly to the good stuff! (sorry about grammar, i am in a hurry!)

I went on a few exchanges, and i went with Elder A one day. He's an awesome missionary. but long story short, we got to go teach this older man, M. It was really intense. When we first walked in he was upset because i guess last time he wanted someone older to talk to. he said we "are like little children" to him and he thought we couldn't relate to him.
he also said we didn't speak good enough Spanish. which is true for me lol.
but i guess he was dying soon. like, within the week. He had a really bad stomach problem, where he had like 4 holes in his stomach. he also got bit by a spider, and his ands and legs were VERY swollen. he looked sick, and he was often crying when he was talking to us. he really needed comfort, but thought we couldn't give it to him because we were young and couldn't speak well. he was so scared of dying, he thought it wasn't fair and didn't know what to do. he was worried about what would happen to his family. he said if he could wait out the week he might be ok because he was going to Mexico, because he couldn't afford surgery here.
It was really sad. I wasn't sure what was being said for about half of it but i could tell he was being sincere. at one part he grabbed my companion by the hands, shaking and crying and was saying "talk to me! tell me something, just talk to me!" I wanted to help him. but he was right, i had no idea how he was feeling. I've never been in that situation before, what could i tell him? :/ but even though i might not understand the Spanish language, i can understand the spirit. so I shared with him my favorite scripture, D&C 121:7-9. If you don't know what that is, I really hope you'll open it up and mark it and remember it.. We also gave him a blessing and tried our best. I hope he turns out alright.

That's the main story. We also got some really useful information about the G family while I was on exchanges with Elder E. Good stuff!

Also, we got out new mission president, President W. He's awesome, he changed the mission a lot but its so good. Everything is going well here :)

I hope everything is going well with you. I miss you all :)

-Elder James!

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