Sunday, October 27, 2013

Thank you everyone for da birthday wishes.. :) Aug 19, 2013

First of all, thank you everyone for da birthday wishes.. :) it means a lot to me! I made myself a cake for my birthday lol so fun so fun

But anyway, the work really has been picking up here!

In fact, we met a guy yesterday. He was super drunk though, but he invited us in to his house! It was Elder B and I, and Elder C and B! The guy was talking to us for a long time and was going off about a lot of random stuff. Like he was talking about music in his church, and asked what the music was like in our church.. 
It was super funny because we didn't have any of our materials with us (long story) and so we didn't have a hymn book. But the guy wanted an example of our music soooo we sang to him. We sang "Son un hijo de Dios" and all of us forgot the lyrics like half way through! haha! it was so funny but the guy didnt mind. In fact, when we were done, he started full-on singing this solo when we were done! 
Then he went on to play the drums on his kitchen table. 
He was so cool though haha

Ya, there was a lot of stuff that happened this week. 
We went to Tokyo Garden again! So good.

We also found this guy, N. He is awesome, and loves everything we share with him. But he tells us he really feels alone and feels like he doesn't have any friends. He said he wants to move out of Bakersfield because he says people here are so mean. It makes me sad. He has a really cool accent too btw. But it's hard to catch him sometimes because he just got a new job. I wish we could just spend more time with him.

Oh, we saw some guy on top of this car the other day, he was screaming and holding on for dear life! The car slammed on his breaks and then drove off really fast again and I didn't see everything, but we ran outside the go find the guy to see if he was ok. Some lady who saw the whole thing pointed us in the direction of where the guy exactly fell off the car, so we went to go check it out. We never saw the guy again :/
As we were walking back though, the same car came around again. The driver rolled down his window and said some not-so-good things and threw cup of ice at us. I thought it was funny because his throw wasn't even close lol, it barely made it across the street haha

So many stories, but I have no time! Thank you everyone for everything!
Next week I will include some sweet pics, I promise. I just need to remember my camera.

Ya :D
Love, Elder James

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