Monday, August 26, 2013

Time is going by so fast! Slow down! June 3, 2013

Hey everyone, I'm not even sure what week this is. Sorry, time is going by so fast!

This week was good. I was sick all week! It was awesome. But i was still able to go out and teach, i just had to stay in for one night.
On to the important stuff. We decided to drop an investigator, L O, the one in gangs. He hasn't been keeping any of his commitments and hasn't made any progress, so we will try him again in a few weeks or so.
We got a referral from the Hermanas though, for a young couple I and J. I is a member and J isn't. He is 19 and I'm not sure how old j is but they have a child and need to get married. J seems very willing and understanding of what we teach her, its great! i will keep you updated with them! later today (i think) we are going to help them paint inside their house. i hope i don't mess that up :|
I also got to go on exchanges with Elder B. It was fun, and interesting. Ya, no cool stories of that day though, ha :)
Is anyone getting my pictures????!! I've been trying to send some! I got a picture with Santa, and with these ghetto romper cars and some at these birthday parties for dinner and some at the temple! Why aren't they working? >:(
you wanna know what's pretty funny? I was biking to an appointment with Elder P, and then my bike thought it would be a good idea if the tire just popped while i was half way through the street. Yep. Pop pop. So i had to walk my bike back to the apartment and it was embarrassing. this is the second time my tires have popped. what the heck Kirito, why cant you function like a normal bike..

oh, so we've been having this problem with ants. they are everywhere!!! they were all over our food in the kitchen! but we slew the beasts victoriously. but then they came back a week later into our bathroom! and into my closet! i went to throw on some pants, and there was a spider on them! and ants! I decided to just stand around in my garments for a while because i wasn't feeling so comfortable anymore. But then eventually we got going, and we were teaching this guy in his front door. and we stood there for seriously like two hours, ALL in Spanish so i only said about three things, and I noticed something on Elder P shoulder. a big fat ant. ha, so i slapped it. and then a few minutes later i looked back, and he was just covered. they were crawling on his neck, into his backpack, on his scriptures, everywhere! and i didn't want to be disrespectful to the person we were talking to so i didn't stamp them all off. ha, sorry Sorry Elder P. sacrifices must be made.

well that's about it. It's been great talking to everyone! sorry for the bad grammar and spelling, short on time
but i love and miss you all! :)
-Elder Santiagoooo

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