Sunday, November 10, 2013

There is still good to be found! Nov. 4, 2013

Hey everyone,

Nothing really new this week, but it's been good. The work was a
little slow, but hey, it happens! Let me think of some stuff that
happened over the last few days..

umm. :|


Honestly, nothing very interesting happened this week. At least not
that I can remember. A lot of rejections this week, but I still had a
My favorite ones are when people barely poke their heads out of their
doors and just say "no" and slam the door shut before you can say
anything! I think it's hilarious! Sometimes I knock again just for

Or when little kids answer the door.. then they go run to their
parents, saying, "mom! someone is here!" and then you can hear the
parents saying to tell them that they're busy.. so when the kids come
back to relay the message, I just say "tell your parents 'it's the
police, it's very important'," and they usually go back and get them!
Ha! >:} That gets their attention.

So even when we have weeks like this, there is still good to be found.

But other than that, nothin new here in California. I hope the best
for all of you! I'll write again next week!

Love, Elder James

joan james


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