Sunday, November 24, 2013

Endless lake of fire and brimstone! Nov. 18, 2013

Well nothin' really cool this week, sorry everyone :/ that's just how it is sometimes you know? But here's a quick overview of some stuff!

We had a super cool Thanksgiving party at the church a few days ago! We had a little talent show too! And I got to play guitar that night (not for the show though. darn.)

Went on more exchanges. Fun stuff yo

Met some crazy intense man who told me I was going to an endless lake of fire and brimstone and that I needed to repent and that I have no faith. He told me that God doesn't love everyone and that I don't need to be baptized or go to church. He said he was sorry because I am "going to Hell." But then we went and talked to his Jamaican neighbor, and he was cool. :)

I found out our Gospel Principles teacher is a psychopath (long story)

Got my hair cut this morning >:}

Baked a cake and ate it.

And that's like all I remember! Pretty good week but not much interesting stuff happened, just the usual.

Love you all! Hope you're doing well!
-Elder James :)

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